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Mitrex Solar


AzSpecd Solutions is the Atlantic Canada and Quebec representative for Mitrex. Headquartered and manufactured in Toronto, Mitrex has developed state-of-the-art technology which incorporates solar generating cells within building cladding, windows, and even glass balcony railings! Unlike traditional solar generating systems which are unattractive aesthetically, Mitrex has revolutionized solar to the point where architects and developers do not need to sacrifice aesthetics to achieve zero emissions. Windows, cladding, and balcony railings are all required on your building anyway so why not have them make money for you by generating electricity which can be used to heat your building or sold to your tenants at a reduced cost? As nice as this all sounds, Mitrex has gone ten steps further and made this very affordable. For as little as $45.00 per sq. ft. installed you can clad your new or existing building in attractive, energy-efficient panels and help to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

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