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After 2 years of preparation, the Saint Mary's Loyola Residence retrofit has begun to take shape. 6000 square feet of Mitrex BIPV cladding will adorn the South Elevation of the precast structure and when operational later this year will produce 100,000 KWH of green energy for the university.
You will also note a vertical string of windows which will also be generating solar power. What is important to note is that the Mitrex BIPV panels are not an "add on". The plan for the university was to do both an energy and aesthetics upgrade and the Mitrex panels provide both. Congratulations to the SMU board of governors for their vision and to the folks at Mitrex for this first of it's kind installation in Atlantic Canada. When completed, this building will be the tallest BIPV installation in North America. #remarkablerrenewables

Saint Mary's University Loyola Residence Retrofit

Project Status: In Progress

Products Used: Mitrex BIPV Cladding and Solar Windows

CTV News Atlantic recently featured a story on the Saint Mary’s University Loyola Residence ongoing installation of 6000 square feet of Mitrex BIPV Panels as well as solar glass windows. This project involved removing the existing precast concrete panels on the Gorsebrook Road side of the building and replacing them with Mitrex Building Integrated Photovoltaic Panels.

The Mitrex panels are expected to arrive in Halifax sometime in late April and begin installation in May of 2023. When completed, this is expected to provide the university with 100,000 KWH of green  electricity annually and it will be the tallest BIPV installation in North America when completed.

This project will truly fit the AzSpecd “Remarkable Renewables” motto!

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 10.21.17 AM.png

Solar Brick Façade

Project Status: Completed

Product Used: Mitrex BIPV Panels- Brick Pattern

Another amazing retrofit, this time on a post-war era brick building. Using the new Mitrex brick BIPV cladding which generates 330W per panel, Mitrex was able to maintain the masonry theme that is present on the remainder of the building.
With 4000 sq ft of panels this system will generate approximately 59Kw of clean and green electricity. Easily installed using masonry anchors and a Z Girt Rainscreen system, this project clearly illustrates the opportunity that our municipalities have as they strive to lower their carbon footprint on aging buildings.

In the past, options would have been limited to placing a few solar panels on limited roof space while worrying about whether the roof was structurally sound enough to support them. This did nothing to help with the aesthetics. Clearly that is now a non-issue!  #remarkablerenewables 

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 10.40.10 AM.png

Warehouse Retrofit, Ontario

Project Status: Complete

Products Used: Mitrex BIPV Cladding

Using 7000 Square Feet of Mitrex BIPV cladding panels will help supplement the building’s energy usage to the tune of 100,000 KW of energy while providing an attractive and durable façade.
The remainder of the building incorporates natural stone panels which were easily integrated into the BIPV panels.
Warehouses can be notorious for their high energy usage, and this is but one example of how this can be mitigated while lowering the carbon footprint.
Congratulations to Team Mitrex on a job well done and for setting the standard!

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