Welcome Xin Yao

Barry Osmun

Jun 3, 2022

Please welcome our new intern, Xin Yao, to the AzSpecd team.

I am pleased to announce that Xin Yao has accepted a position with AzSpecd Solutions as an Intern, starting on Monday, June 6th.

Xin is a candidate in the 2023 MBA program at Dalhousie University in Halifax and is, herself, an entrepreneur. She shares my enthusiasm for helping enact positive change to our planet with our innovative green energy solutions. She brings to AzSpecd a wealth of experience in the fields of finance and commerce and has worked in the journalism field.

Xin will assist me in all aspects of our day-to-day operation including sales and marketing, vendor relations and communications, research and development, and customer service. Please join me in welcoming Xin to the AzSpecd Solutions team. Xin can reached via email at sales@azspecd.com.