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AzSpecd Solutions Chosen to Take Part in Halifax CLIMATE ACTION CHALLENGE PITCH!

March 21, 2024- I am very excited to announce that AzSpecd Solutions has been chosen to participate in the Climate Action Challenge Pitch Day on April 3rd. Our proposal was one of 6 chosen to participate in this challenge showcasing some very unique and innovative green energy solutions.

Our presentation will focus on the potential benefits of incorporating small wind turbine technology as manufactured by our partner LuvSide GmbH – Kleinwindkraftanlagen. Since I started AzSpecd Solutions in 2021 my focus has been on sourcing the most innovative renewable energy solutions from around the world and convince their ownership that Atlantic Canada was a worthwhile region to consider promoting their technology in.

I was also laser focused on finding products and technology that would be easily urbanized meaning that it would be aesthetically pleasing, none invasive, and could be seamlessly integrated into our communities. Certainly, the Luvside technology checks off all these boxes as witnessed by their recent installation of 4 vertical wind turbines in the Silo Waterfront District in Cape Town, South Africa as shown in this photo.

Thank you to the Climate Action Challenge Team and congratulations and best of luck to all the "pitchers". Together we are showing that Halifax can be a center for exciting renewable energy innovation!- Barry

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