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Exciting New Developments in Small Wind

For the past two years I have been working extensively with a great German manufacturer of small wind technology, Luvside. Since 2014 Luvside has been working hard to develop reliable and cost effective small wind turbines and are quickly becoming the leader in this field.

Small wind technology presents an opportunity for us to place attractive and quiet turbines right into our communities. In parks, on waterfronts, on building rooftops and even in residential backyards, these turbines are easy to install and do no harm to birds as they are very visible. Recently, Luvside completed an installation of several Helix Vertical Wind Turbines in the waterfront District in Cape Town, South Africa, perfectly illustrating how seamlessly they can be integrated into our community.

Make no mistake, small wind technology will be the next big thing in the renewable energy mix, especially as we explore ways to integrate them into solar farms. AzSpecd is pleased to be the North American distributor for Luvside.

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