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November 20, 2023

AzSpecd Solutions Inc. Named Exclusive Distributor for Elemex® Architectural
Facade Systems in Atlantic Canada

Dateline: Halifax, NS, Canada, November 20, 2023 — Barry Osmun, President of AzSpecd Solutions Inc. is excited to announce a strategic partnership as the exclusive distributor for Elemex® Architectural Facade Systems in Atlantic Canada. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies and is poised to revolutionize the building materials landscape in the region. Elemex, a North American industry leader with over 50 years of expertise, has consistently set standards in architectural innovation. AzSpecd Solutions Inc. is proud to align itself with Elemex and will exclusively represent their cutting-edge Solstex® – Solar Facade System in the rapidly expanding Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) sector. Osmun stated “With the addition of Elemex, AzSpecd Solutions can now offer complete building facade solutions in addition to BIPV. The Ceramitex®, Stonitex® and Alumitex® facade systems are easily and seamlessly integrated with the Solstex BIPV system using their proprietary Unity® attachment technology which allows architects to effortlessly design buildings using a combination of BIPV, Sintered Ceramic, and Aluminum.” “We strongly feel that this will help accelerate the use of BIPV in Atlantic Canada and will enable us to build upon our efforts in promoting this game changing technology”, Osmun added. “In the end, this was an opportunity to offer architects and developers more choice, whether it is Aluminum (ACM or Plate), Natural Stone, Sintered Ceramic or BIPV. AzSpecd Solutions is now your one stop for all your cladding needs in Atlantic Canada. I am looking forward to working with David and his team” said Osmun. David Kellam, Vice President, Sales responded by saying “We could not be more pleased to share in this exciting announcement. Atlantic Canada has been on our radar for some time and the opportunity to work with someone of Barry’s industry experience and contacts will allow Elemex to quickly gain recognition in this market. Barry’s efforts in promoting BIPV in this region and his experience and success in providing building envelope solutions to architects will serve us well as we continue to grow”.

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