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Barry Osmun

Nov 29, 2021

They say that life is a journey that leads us to our ultimate destination, and this is certainly apt when it pertains to the launch of AzSpecd Solutions.

They say that life is a journey that leads us to our ultimate destination, and this is certainly apt when it pertains to the launch of AzSpecd Solutions. After a 35-year journey in Architectural Products sales, Barry Osmun, the founder of AzSpecd Solutions has found his true destination in renewable energy. It is important in life to look back to look forward. Before forming AzSpecd Solutions, AzSpecd Architectural Services, its’ predecessor, was importing almost all its’ products from China. As most of us know, most factories in China were not exactly “climate friendly”. Couple this with the carbon footprint created by having these products shipped across the ocean on container ships and one can readily tally the effect on the environment. Call it an awakening, an epiphany, or whatever you feel is fitting, but a conscience change was made to do better so here we are.

The New AzSpecd Solutions logo shown above was created by Barry. In case you are wondering about the name “AzSpecd” it is short for “As Specified”, a common term used in construction documents. The 4 squares in the middle are meant to represent solar windows, while the rectangular squares which are reaching out, replicate solar panels. The colors green and blue were obvious choices. The green for the green energy we will help generate, the blue for the blue sky we hope to help maintain, free of smog and pollution. The “Remarkable Renewables” tagline shows our commitment to continually searching for innovative green energy products to add to our portfolio which will aid in our efforts. Wind, Biomass, Water, and more. The green energy industry is one of the most dynamic and evolving in the world today and we want to ensure that we align ourselves with the best and the brightest in this industry.

We feel very fortunate in having Mitrex Solar (www.mitrex.com) as our very first manufacturer partner in so many ways. Mitrex is a Canadian company which has taken solar to, not the next level, but the next ten levels. We are now able to construct buildings with attractive solar cladding, windows, and even glass balcony railings so that we have the potential of turning buildings into green energy power centers. Mitrex is heavily invested in Research and Development and has some exciting and innovative products coming down the pipeline including solar pavers, a solar highway sound barrier and more. Mitrex is an ethical company with an awesome work culture which are requirements for us as we choose more green energy partners.

We are proud members of the Canadian Green Building Council which consists of many like-minded companies like ours that are all committed to creating a better and cleaner environment for future generations. The CGBC provides a wealth of industry insight and knowledge, and we regularly attend the webinars and seminars offered by them so that we are up to date on the latest developments. Locally, we are a member of the Construction Association of Nova Scotia where we continue to educate and advocate for green energy implementation. So feel free to check back here from time to time as we strive to keep you informed on what we are doing and what is happening in general in this industry. We welcome your input and encourage it so please feel free to drop us a line at barry@azspecd.com anytime. Also please follow and like our various social media pages like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin where we will work to keep you up to date on what we are up to.