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Next Level Hydrogen Storage Systems and Microgrid Solutions

Harnyss is a pioneer in advanced hydrogen storage technologies, exclusively dedicated to promoting clean energy storage and utilization.


AzSpecd Solutions is committed to providing renewable energy technology that is kind to our environment and Turbulent Hydro Turbines is a great example. The design of these small turbines is such that it requires very little civil work. And much like how our small vertical wind turbines are bird friendly, Turbulent Turbines have very little effect on our valuable fish resources. This is very important to us as it seems counterintuitive to install renewable energy generation products while harming the envioronment. Feel free to contact us if you have a project in mind and we will do an examination of the water conditions to determine whether Turbulent is a viable option.

Turbulent Turbines.png

EvoCharge is a major hardware provider of EV home charging solutions and cable management systems in North America. Founded in 2009, we are dedicated to providing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) hardware with true Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for easy integration with a non-proprietary network that is safe and reliable.

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