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Next Level Hydrogen Storage Systems and Microgrid Solutions

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Harnyss is a pioneer in advanced hydrogen storage technologies, exclusively dedicated to promoting clean energy storage and utilization.

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EvoCharge is a major hardware provider of EV home charging solutions and cable management systems in North America. Founded in 2009, we are dedicated to providing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) hardware with true Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for easy integration with a non-proprietary network that is safe and reliable.


Since 2014, LuvSide develops, builds, and sells small-scale wind turbines to businesses, private owners, and communities. With 5 years of solid development, our turbines have a proven track record for both onshore and offshore operations.


At Mitrex, we have developed ways for aesthetically-pleasing solar panels to be directly integrated into building facades. Our revolutionary building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems offer architects, engineers, building owners, and investors the opportunity to embrace and profit from solar energy without compromising beauty.


Re-inventing the way you shower. RainStick began because (like most of us) we loved long, hot showers but felt guilty about wasting water. The only option at the time was a low-flow compromise, which would negatively impact our shower experience, a change we weren’t willing to consider. So we started to re-imagine status-quo and the way that we showered.



AzSpecd Solutions is the exclusive representative for Solidel in Canada, excluding the Province of Quebec.  Solidel is  not your ordinary solar lighting product in that the solar generation is achieved through PV cells which are embedded into the lamppost itself meaning a sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing design. Available in a range of looks and lighting capability, Solidel also offers the option of having the light post installed permanently., or with a specially designed concrete base which allows the unit to be moved when needed. Truly another "Remarkable Renewable"!

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