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Vertical Wind Turbines

Small Vertical Wind Turbines are quiet, aesthetically pleasing, amazingly efficient, and bird friendly and they can be installed on rooftops, in backyards, city parks, on waterfronts and more



Luvside is the newest addition to the “Remarkable Renewables’ family at AzSpecd Solutions. Luvside was formed in 2014 by Rolf Hoffman in Germany and since then they have continuously redefined what the term “Small Wind Energy” means by scaling up the energy produced by these decorative vertical wind turbines.

Luvside Vertical Wind Turbines are much more environmentally friendly than the conventional Large Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines or “LHAWT” and therefore can be placed in areas normally not conducive to wind turbines such as roof tops, city streets, waterfronts etc.

Extending only 10 Meters into the air, Luvside turbines are quiet and very bird and bat friendly and can be manufactured in virtually whichever colors you choose. Research is now ongoing to implement Luvside turbines into traditional PV Solar farm installations which will greatly increase energy production while not using additional space.

Planet Made of Plastic

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