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You deserve a shower experience that is parallel to the way you live your life – smart and with purpose. RainStick Shower revolutionizes our relationship to water without compromising on design, performance, or your expectations. Encased in utter and pure beauty, it complements any exceptional design. RainStick’s WiFi-enabled, smart tech allows you to track your water and energy savings quickly and conveniently. You can also monitor your shower length and maintenance requirements. Heck, Siri and Alexa will even turn your shower on for you.

RainStick’s circular shower system saves up to 80% energy and water while providing almost 2X the flow rate. You’ll save money without lowering your expectations. A real-time cleaning process ensures refreshed water with each shower experience. You can also simply select the traditional shower mode, at any time.

Proudly Canadian

Whenever possible we look to Canada first in our never ending search for innovation in renewable energy solutions. The RainStick Shower was developed and is proudly manufactured in Canada, by Canadians.. 

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