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AzSpecd Solutions serves as the exclusive representative for Elemex Architectural Facade Systems in Atlantic Canada, showcasing the innovative Solstex Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Facade System. Unlike traditional black rooftop solar panels that function as add-ons, Solstex BIPV replaces traditional claddings like masonry or aluminum. It can be seamlessly integrated into new constructions or retrofitted onto existing infrastructure, offering an appealing and durable building facade while delivering an immediate Return on Investment (ROI) through the generation of green solar energy for internal use.


Beyond Solstex BIPV, Elemex provides a range of alternative cladding options, including Alumitex ACM and solid plate panels, Ceramitex sintered ceramic cladding, and Stonitex natural stone facades. These systems can be effortlessly combined using Elemex Unity rainscreen attachment technology, granting architects unparalleled design flexibility. Some architects and developers opt for BIPV exclusively on the south elevation to maximize solar generation, while Elemex also offers alternative options, allowing designers to seamlessly transition between cladding systems. Elemex goes a step further by offering comprehensive services, including the preparation of proposals and electrical generation estimates. These estimates provide a clear picture of the power generation potential of the BIPV system throughout its lifespan.


Should you have a project you'd like us to evaluate or if you wish to arrange a presentation for your group, please feel free to contact Barry at
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Harness the beauty and power of BIPV with the Solstex® solar facade system.

Ceramitex® is the sintered ceramic facade system that simply outperforms. 


Alumitex® (ACM or Plate) allows for design flexibility and proven performance.


Stonitex® is made from 100% natural North American quarried stone for a truly unique look and pattern.

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