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Well situated to be an industry leader.

We supply the most innovative renewable energy solutions available in the market today and back that up with a full turnkey "from conception to completion" service including engineering, project management, and more.

Barry Osmun is the founder and President of AzSpecd Solutions Inc.  A native of Miramichi, New Brunswick, Barry has enjoyed a successful 35-year career in Architectural and Construction products sales. Having worked in the masonry, roofing, windows, and cladding industries, Barry is intimately familiar with building envelope systems and is LEED certified. Barry holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from St. Thomas University as well as an MBA from the University of Phoenix, Maryland campus.

Early in 2021 Barry made a conscience decision to focus his efforts on sourcing and promoting green energy and the use of construction materials manufactured from recycled materials to help mitigate the damage caused to our environment and in June 2021 “AzSpecd Solutions. Remarkable Renewables” was born.

Barry’s goal is to source the most innovative green energy products in the world and Mitrex Solar has been a phenomenal start. The Green Energy industry is extremely dynamic and new innovations are being introduced at a rapid pace. Barry’s participation in various associations such as the Canadian Green Building Council as well as his attendance at industry trade shows allows him to stay up to date on the latest changes and innovations in green energy and construction. Look for more state-of-the-art green energy products soon in the areas of wind and biomass energy.


Barry firmly believes that any discussion regarding low-income housing and housing for the homeless needs to include a green energy component. It makes little sense to offer our most vulnerable citizens a reasonably priced, safe home to live in while not addressing the rising costs of oil and electricity that result in energy insecurity. The money saved on heating and lighting can then be diverted to necessities such as food and clothing. Barry is actively involved in discussions with various not-for-profit groups in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as well as government stakeholders to help provide affordable solutions aimed at making life more affordable for those who need it the most, including our growing senior population.

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